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Nicholas Franco
Director, Sustainability Services


Premier Energy Management

Welcome to U.S. Energy Services. For more than two decades, we have been North America’s leading experts at analyzing, procuring, and managing energy. Our mission is to be your long-term, preferred energy manager by providing best-in-class energy-related services to commercial, industrial, and institutional clients. Our energy expertise spans many aspects of procurement, logistics, consulting, sustainability, and risk management services.

Creating Competition

Whether your fuel mix includes natural gas, electricity, CNG, biofuels, or other alternatives, we have a service offering to save you money. We create competition between energy suppliers to ensure that our clients pay the lowest possible price for their energy. U.S. Energy is one of very few energy management service companies that have substantial nationwide experience without a supplier bias. Client service is always #1.

Energy Solutions

Our integrated suite of energy service offerings:

Learn more About Us to see how we can tailor an energy solution for your organization.

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Our mission is to be
our client's long-term,
preferred energy manager

Lower cost.
Lower usage.
Lower risk.

Our people
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Our employees
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